Salud! The Beer Lover´s Guide to Andalusia


Salud! The Beer Lover´s Guide to Andalusia


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Publicado en : España
Año Edición: 2015
Idioma: Inglés

Salud! The Beer Lover’s Guide to Andalusia – a travel guide that takes you all over Andalusia to the quirkiest and the best of what our budding craft scene has to offer. From beer-filled chocolates in Las Alpujarras to the Wild West ales of Almería. Cheers!

I’m a Spanish craft brewer and I wrote this guide because I’ve been living in Andalusia for about ten years and the beer culture has come on in leaps and bounds, from non-existent to pretty booming. Spain boasts over 500 micro-breweries nowadays and the number just keeps growing and growing, but in Andalusia everything is so laid back, even this trend took a while to get down here. So to find your way, I’ve spoken to dozens of brewers, bar owners and beer enthusiasts to hunt down the most obscure, most passionate and most marvellous of what Andalusian craft beer has to offer. I hope this guide exudes at least some of the fun I had researching it!

Liz Luyben (Author), Jurgen Flick (Illustrator), Ron Bel (Illustrator), Floske Kusse (Editor), Loes Rood (Editor)

About the author - Liz Luyven

Writer, brewer, cheese enthusiast. One day I hope to have my own tree house. I studied medieval literature and journalism at the University of Amsterdam. Drank a lot of beer. After working as a TV reporter and a movie reviewer I started my own, rather successful, dating site before moving to Andalusia in 2006. Absolutely love Spain, but getting a decent beer turned out to be a bit of a nightmare, so decided to brew my own. Everybody loved it, a great reason to start a micro-brewery in my home town of Comares, Málaga, in 2014. It’s called La Cabra Azul, the Blue Goat, and if I do say so myself, I brew an amazing IPA! Hoppy, but not overbearing, just the ticket on a hot summer day.

¡Salud! La Guía para el amante de la cerveza en Andalucía. Una guía de viajes que te lleva por toda Andalucía a lo más peculiar y mejor que nuestra artesanía en ciernes tiene que ofrecer. Desde chocolates rellenos de cerveza en Las Alpujarras a las cervezas del Salvaje Oeste de Almería. ¡Salud! La autora, Liz Luyven es la propietaria de la microcervecería de Málaga La Cabra Azul

Palabras Clave: Andalucía, guías, La cabra Azul

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