He Said Beer, She Said Wine


He Said Beer, She Said Wine


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Publicado en : Estados Unidos de América
Año Edición: 2009
Editorial: DK Publishing
Idioma: Inglés
Páginas: 256
ISBN : 978-0756654498

He Said Beer, She Said Wine is the first fully illustrated book on the market to give in-depth instruction on how to successfully pair both beer and wine with a wide variety of foods.

Co-authored by Marnie Old, an esteemed sommelier, and Sam Calagione, owner of the renowned craft brewery DogFishHeadHe Said Beer, She Said Wine teaches you everything you need to know to get the best out of your beverages, with food or without.

Each author divulges the secrets of their respective trades, using clear, easy-to-understand language-and, of course, a little good-natured banter to keep things lively.

The book is full of fantastic tips and tricks, specific beer and wine recommendations, and interactive elements to help you identify your preferences along the way. So, from cheese to dessert, you'll always know what drinks to serve for sublime flavor combinations.

Never ones to skimp on a bit of fun, Marnie and Sam also show you how to host your own at-home version of their sold-out He Said Beer, She Said Wine tasting events, where diners taste one beer and one wine selection with each dish, and then vote on their preferred pairing.

He Said Beer, She Said Wine gives you easy-to-prepare dishes, complete with step-by-step recipes and sumptuous beverage selections.

Palabras Clave: Vino vs Cerveza | Sam Calagione
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Un libro divertido, entretenido y fácil de leer en el que el conocido cervecero de Dogfish, Sam Calagione, entabla un diálogo con Marine Old, una somelier de vinos. Cada uno defiende su producto frente al otro, explicando características propias, historia, estilos y tipos de cerveza y vino, maridajes con comida. Está bien para quienes desconocen la grandeza de cualquiera de los dos mundos.

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