Business Name: Van Pur S.A.
Address: DW877 112, Rakszawa, Polonia
Health Register:
Van Pur’s balance of high quality and competitive prices guarantees that all our products are perfectly suited to our clients’ needs and makes us a reliable business partner. Combined with our flexible and individual approach, you can always count on us.
We are experienced in building business relationships with clients on European markets, as well as on the most demanding and distant foreign markets. We maintain international trade relations with partners in over 50 countries in Europe and around the world.
At present, our production capacity stands at over 4 million hectolitres of beer annually, all of which is produced at our five breweries, strategically located throughout Poland. We constantly search for new recipes and continue to invest in brewing and filling technology. With our modern packaging lines, we are able to offer a diverse range of beers and beverages in cans, bottles and kegs.