Stockholm Brewing Co.
Country: Norway
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Address: Frihamnsgatan 28, 115 56 Stockholm, Suecia
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In 2010, Stockholm Brewing Co.’s journey began with two childhood friends, wanting to drink fresh, local and organic beer. Niklas Jakobson, Tomas Hallgren and Lenkel started to home-brew at every available opportunity. Niklas was running a wine importing business, specializing in natural wines, and this influenced the desire for using organic products. The ambition for brewing beer grew stronger and pretty soon they decided to open a small brewery. In the end of 2012, after a brief stay at Grev Turegatan, they found the perfect place in an old paper bag factory in a garage in Södermalm.
Since 2013 the production has been organically certified under the EU certification body. The use of organic ingredients is important to us. We also try to work as much as possible with local produce such as wild elderflower from parks in the city or herbs and fruits from local organic farms.
Our core beers are brewed to be consistently balanced, drinkable and true to their origins. We regularly brew one-offs which gives us opportunities to play with other styles and ingredients without compromising our ethos of producing well-rounded beer.
Working close together with our sister company WINE TRADE offered us the possibility to combine the knowledge of winemaking with brewing beer. We have a barrel room where we age beer in oak barrels, previously used for natural wines. We routinely add grapes and berries and experiment with wild yeast. This is exemplified by our Cellar Series beers, a small but important part of the production which we hope to expand in the future.
Today we’re producing about 100 000 liters a year, selling most of it in Sweden but also exporting some to the other Nordic countries, as well as Spain, France and England.