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Hop Hooligans - FJALAR

Romania Berero

Hop Hooligans - FJALAR

Hop Hooligans surprinde cu fiecare colaborare a lor. De data aceasta este vorba de o bere artizanala ...a si compozitie, densa, usor amaruie. Hameiuri folosite: Simcoe, Columbus, Sorachi Ace Alc. 10% Cantitate 500 ml ...

32,00 LEI

Hop Hooligans Fjalar

Romania Hop Hooligans

Hop Hooligans Fjalar

Wakey wakey… it’s time for thunder and lightning! FJALAR - a smooth, robust and hearty Baltic po ... ready to sing its rageful song. It’s got a deep roasted edge to it, with notes of burnt chocolate cake and toasted rye bread, also a bitter herbal finish from a Columbus-driven hop charge, a ...

26,00 LEI

Buy Hop Hooligans Fjalar. Baltic Porter - Hop Hooligans - Romania.