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Newbarns Brewery Lager Bere

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Newbarns — Lager Bere

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Newbarns — Lager Bere

Description This is Newbarns first Helles-style lager. Newbarns say “Bere (or bigg) is a lan ...e oldest cereal that’s cultivated in the UK. Recently it’s almost all been grown up in Orkney and Shetland, but our malt comes from Paxton Home Farm in the Borders, and was malted by ...


Newbarns - Lager Bere 5.5% (440ml)

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Newbarns - Lager Bere 5.5% (440ml)

Helles style lager made with 100% Scottish Bere barley


Buy Newbarns Brewery Lager Bere. Munich Helles - - United Kingdom.