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Clausthaler Classic / Original / PremiumClausthaler Classic / Original / PremiumClausthaler Classic / Original / Premium
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Clausthaler Classic / Original / Premium

Alcohol Free 0.5 º 29 IBU
Clausthaler Classic - Premium - Original

Cerveza sin alcohol, refrescante. Buen aroma y sabor. Considerada por muchos como la mejor cerveza sin alcohol del mundo, ganadora de numerosos premios por éste hecho.

Disfruta del placer de una cerveza sin
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Clausthaler Original 0.5% Low Alcohol Beer 812 x 500ml

United Kingdom Dry Drinker

Clausthaler Original 0.5% Low Alcohol Beer 812 x 500ml

While being a low-alcohol brew, award-winning Clausthaler Classic has all the attributes of a choice ...igree has been winning international gold medals for taste for almost 20 years – first scooping the gold medal for non-alcoholic beer at the World Beer Cup in 1998. Most recently, the World Beer ...

(6x2.74) £16.43


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Developed in the 1970s and launched in 1979, Clausthaler was the world's first non-alcoholic bee ...ohol. Clausthaler is the best-known beer produced at the Binding-Brauerei Brewery. Clausthaler a beer with fresh citrusy and spicy aromatics that complement sweet toasty, caramel flavours. Thanks ...


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