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Apynys Brewing Kosmosas

Apynys Brewing Kosmosas
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Baltic Porter - 7.2 º - 35 IBU

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Apynys / In Peccatum Melon Sauvignon

Apynys / In Peccatum Melon Sauvignon
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Brut IPA - 7.5 º - 30 IBU

Melon Sauvignon Brut IPA This beer is our collaboration with Spanish brewery `In Peccatum`. Our Brut ...wine`ish dry, aroma reminds even champagne notes, specially for this we used saccharomyces bayanus yeast strain. We used Pilsen and wheat malts also some flaked rice to achieve not complexed malt ...

Apynys Brewing Third Wave NEIPA

Apynys Brewing Third Wave NEIPA
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NEIPA - New England IPA - 5.8 º - 35 IBU

Business Name: UAB bravoras Apynys
Address: Rūko g. 12, Kaunas 45461, Lituania
Health Register:
A small Pučkus family microbrewery located in Kaunas, Zuikinė, which started their beer story back in year 2013 just before the craft beer „fever“ in Lithuania.
Almost every season of the year brewery „Apynys“ introduces to the market newly made, inspired by that time of the year, recipe. All beer is brewed with love from the bottom of our beery hearts.