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Brass Castle Brewery Bliss

Fruit Lambic 4.4 º 20 IBU
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Brass Castle Bliss (Sour)

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Brass Castle Bliss (Sour)

Country: UK | Style: Gluten Free | Size: 440ml | %ABV: 4.1 From Brass Castle: This kettle-soured ale, and pear. Gentle tart apple-like freshness, and complex floral notes make for a delightful thirst quenching drinking ...


Brass Castle, Bliss, Feijoa Kettle Sour, 4.1%, 440ml

United Kingdom The Epicurean

Brass Castle, Bliss, Feijoa Kettle Sour, 4.1%, 440ml

Sabro/Coconut is the seventh in our Fruit Lupe range of hop/fruit pairing pale ales.  And before you ... even think it – coconuts are not nuts.  They are the fruit of the coconut palm. Sabro hops have an underlying coconut character, which is enhanced beautifully by pairing them with the real thing.


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