Extra-Strong Bitter - 2 beers - Belgium stores. | Birrapedia

Extra-Strong Bitter - 2 beers - Belgium stores.

Brussels Beer Project Babylone

Brussels Beer Project Babylone
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Extra-Strong Bitter - 7 º - 55 IBU

Brussels Beer Project Babylone With Babylone, it’s “Back to the future”! 7,000 ye ... we decided to embark on this project of circular economy, using unsold fresh bread in the recipe. Replacing 20% of the malt with unsold fresh bread gives the beer a pleasant toffee / toasty tou ...

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Siren Craft Brew Reviver

Siren Craft Brew Reviver
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Extra-Strong Bitter - 4.8 º

1 Price Belgium

Extra-Strong Bitter - 2 beers buy in Belgian shops.