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The Wild Beer Co Coolship 2022
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Coolship 2022, Wild Beer

Ireland Yards & Crafts

Coolship 2022, Wild Beer

Style: Single Foudre Sour ABV: 7.7% IBU: - Size: 500ml Bottle Location: Somerset, England A Special ...Edition of the annual Wild Beer Coolship series. This single foudre Coolship sour has divine flavours of...

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The Wild Beer Coolship (2022)

Ireland Craft Central

The Wild Beer Coolship (2022)

A Special Edition of our annual Coolship series in our new 500ml bottles. This single foudre Coolshi ...p sour has divine flavours of apricots and stone fruits. Cooled in shallow vats overnight to pick up the Westcombe microflora, this beer is a strong and complex spontaneous delight.

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