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Omnipollo Levon - LeonOmnipollo Levon - Leon
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Omnipollo Levon - Leon

Belgian Pale Ale 6.5 º 37 IBU
Omnipollo Levon - Leon

Tired of talking my friends into pit stops at beer bars before heading “out” — in fear of having to drink bland lager all night — I set out to craft an ale that would act as companion throughout the evening. Levon is
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Omnipollo - LEVON 330ml

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Omnipollo - LEVON 330ml

ABV: 6,5% IBU: 37 STYLE: Pale Ale - Belgian Levon is assertively hopped and fermented dry using cha ...mpagne yeast. The yeast and the hops in combination with a simple malt bill provides the beer with a quality of being rich in taste yet refreshing.

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