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Otherworld Brewing DIPA
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Otherworld  DIPA  Double IPA

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Otherworld DIPA Double IPA

Description This Double IPA leans toward the New England end of the scale in terms of flavour and h ...zy or filled with hop burn. A big dose of Amarillo gives a real recognisable orange flavour with some candied fruits and supporting hints of coconut.  8.7% 440ml can Contains barley, wheat, oa ...


Otherworld - DIPA 8.7% (440ml)

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Otherworld - DIPA 8.7% (440ml)

Our first double IPA is deliciously hoppy, smooth, and full-bodied. Generous amounts of American and ...ixed fermentation with nontraditional yeast isolated from flowers frees trapped hop flavours that would otherwise be lost. ...


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