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Bohemian Pilsener



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Krušovice Imperial - Krusovice Hell

Krusovice Hell es una cerveza rubia de tipo Lager. Este producto se elabora siguiendo un proceso de tecnología clásica que utiliza las más modernas instalaciones para asegurar la más alta calidad.

En producción se utilizan: Malta de calidad superior, agua de manantial natural de Křivoklát y lúpulo de la zona de Žatec. De color dorado y sabor deliciosamente amargo. Espuma excelente. Nitidez agradable


Staropramen Premium Lager

The pleasantly smooth taste and well-rounded flavour of Staropramen rewards your palate with a soft malty flavour, before finishing off with gentle bitterness. Coming from a city of lovable sins that knows everything there is to know about great beer and enjoying life, Staropramen has many stories to tell you – stories about life well spent.

Staropramen – taste the pleasure from Prague.


Staropramen Premium Lager es una pilsener de color dorado intenso, que se aprecia mejor en vaso de cristal, donde desprende una capa perfecta de espuma blanca.


Primátor Ležák 11°

In 2009, Primator introduced a completely new beer distinctive for its mild bitterness and great drinkability. The brewery brought back this typical Czech lager whose popularity has been increasing in recent years. It is a bottom-fermented beer produced using classical technology and all Czech ingredients. It is brewed through a double mash process from Moravian barley malt and two varieties of Saaz hops. Primary fermentation takes place in open vessels and then it is aged in lager cellars for a minimum of 50 days where the pleasant refreshing zest is matured. The beer has a deep golden color with a distinctive sparkle and a thick snow-white head. The original Moravian malt aroma and flavor of Saaz hops give the beer a medium body. Czech malt made from Moravian spring barley gives the beer an unmistakable aroma and delicious taste. The beer gets its delightful bitterness from fine bitter hops. It is a unique experience which leaves a pleasant sensation on the palate, a slowly fading bitterness, which begs for another drink. The original taste is accentuated by proper tapping at 6 - 8°C.

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