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Zombination V M.A.N.O.L.O.
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Zombination V M.A.N.O.L.O.

Zombination V M.A.N.O.L.O.

A Massive Stout from Flanders aged in Bourbon barrels.

In October 2014, a bunch of friends enjoyed a weekend at a small brewery in Oostvleteren, celebrating the Zombier 4th Anniversary.

My deepest respect and love to all
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Struise Zombination V (M.A.N.O.L.O.) 75cl

Belgium Beergium

Struise Zombination V (M.A.N.O.L.O.) 75cl

A massive Stout from Flanders aged in Maker's Mark Bourbon Barrels. Collaboration with Brouwerij de ...Molen, HaandBryggeriet, Beavertown, Naparbier, Yria Cervezas, Magic Rock Brewing, Brouwerij Kees, Brouwerij Alvinne, Brodie's Brewery

99,99 €

Buy Zombination V M.A.N.O.L.O.. Imperial Stout - De Struise Brouwers - Belgium.